Quality control and diagnostics


  • Independent check and verification of the quality of products.
  • 3rd party testing of modules at the manufacturing unit.
  • Monitoring production to ensure that all critical material, process and production controls are applied – and applied correctly.
  • In process testing and BoM verification.


Quality check of modules after transportation through EL image analysis.


  • Technical supervision during the installation process.
  • Quality check of the modules after the installation process is completed, to ensure detection of damages at the time of installation.
  • Plant performance evaluation and health checkup after commissioning.


  • End to end health check up for plants in operation.
  • Degradation rate of PV plants at Inverter, String, Module and Cell level using on-site I-V curve & EL Image analysis.
  • Focus on performance improvement through technological intervention in the plant.

Technical consulting

Technical due diligence

  • Acquisition support through independent quality, performance and risk assessment of the asset.
  • Assessments based on onsite testing on the plant components, and comparison with simulated results.
  • Actionable recommendations to mitigate the risk and ensure maximum long term output from the plant.

Design consultancy

Design verification for solar power plants.

Software (upcoming)

Smart databasing

Logging all the data related to each component in the plant at one place, and running analytics to schedule maintenance or replacement and identify the case of damage

Accessible diagnostics

Computer vision and machine learning based algorithms will

Data driven maintenance

Our software platform will use the generation data collection from monitoring stations and run analytics to for preventive maintenance

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